GIA Introduces New High School Scholarship Program

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will issue up to $2 million in scholarships this year, with a maximum of $100,000 allocated to a new high school program.

The GIA Aspire Scholarship will provide graduating high school seniors or recent alumni from four local schools in San Diego County with full or partial grants for any on-campus program at the GIA’s Carlsbad, California, campus starting between July and December 2024, GIA said last week. Students and graduates from Steele Canyon High School, Rancho Buena Vista High School, Alta Vista High School, and Health Sciences High and Middle College can choose programs that range from seven to 26 weeks.

“We believe that investing in the education of aspiring professionals is key to the continued growth and success of the gem and jewelry industry,” said Robyn Burrell, director of financial aid at the GIA. “By providing opportunities for students to pursue their passion, we aim to create a diverse and skilled workforce that will shape the future of our industry.”

The rest of the money will be set aside for needs-based, merit-based and veteran’s scholarships, the GIA added.


BRON: Rapaport 3-3-2024