Artist Creates Works of Art on Diamonds

Amsterdam-based artist Pablo Lucker who, according to his website, specializes in multidisciplinary modern art, is using “the surface of a diamond as the canvas for his latest work,” according to IDEX Online.


Using laser technology, Lucker has partnered with high-end jewelers Trophy by Gassan in Amsterdam to create a series of “heart designs on the table of 12 one-carat stones, and a “crown jewel” of 2.75-carats,” according to the report. Prices range between $134,000 for the 2.75-carat and $31,000 for the 1-carat stones.


All the diamonds in the HE(ART) Diamond Collection, 13 in all, are GASSAN 121, which ave 64 facets more than regular diamonds.


BRON: 2-1-2023