Rio Tinto Unveils the $1.26 Million Midnight Sun Diamond Ring

The Diavik Midnight Sun, a yellow and pink diamond ring made up of stones from Rio Tinto’s diamond mines, has been unveiled in Sydney, Australia, recently.


The ring features yellow diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Diavik diamond mine in Canada, and Argyle Pink Diamonds from the iconic mine in Western Australia. According to a press release quoted by Rough & Polished, the ring “takes its inspiration from the exquisite natural phenomenon that occurs when the sun is seen at midnight in the Arctic, exhibiting beautiful golden and pink hues.”


At its center is an 18.08-carat Fancy Intense Yellow oval Diavik diamond, “one of the finest large yellow diamonds uncovered from the Diavik mine in the past 20 years.” It was cut from 36.75 carat rough. The Diavik yellow diamond is then “vividly contrasted with an intricate setting of rare Argyle pink diamonds weighing 4.09 carats in total.”


The Diavik Midnight Sun is a collaboration between Rio Tinto, luxury jeweler Musson, and rare gem specialist Glajz THG. The ring is valued at A$1.85 million (USD$1.26 million) and is being offered for sale by Musson as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.


BRON: 6-12-2022