Jewelry Crimes Rise; Value of Losses Drops

The number of crimes against US jewelers exceeded pre-coronavirus levels last year — but the value of losses fell, according to the annual Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) report on the subject.

The tally rose 17% to 1,687 events in 2021 compared with 1,438 in 2019, the JSA said last week. The total dropped 1.8% versus 2020, when 1,718 crimes occurred.

Dollar losses declined 31% to $70.1 million compared with 2019, when the total came to $101 million. Compared with 2020’s $83.2 million, the amount fell 16%.

The trend reflected a surge in grab-and-run thefts, which totaled 842 in 2021, up from 581 in 2020 and 616 in 2019. These are generally less costly crimes than distraction thefts and other nonviolent invasions.


BRON: Rapaport 3-7-2022