Whitley Neill Puts Diamonds in Gin Bottles as “Heirlooms”

Whitley Neill Gin, a distinguished English brand known for its premium gin, has concealed £25,000 ($31,981) worth of diamonds within its Distiller’s Cut London Dry Gin, with the aim of reviving the tradition of passing down heirlooms, according to reports.


Johnny Neill, founder of Whitley Neill, said: “[…] we want to help the nation keep their own traditions alive and give them the opportunity to have something to pass down to others. Jewelry is the item that most people would like to pass on to loved ones, and great quality gin and diamonds are both renowned for their quality and cut, so when thinking of how we could do this, diamonds seemed like a fitting choice.”


All in all, Whitley Neill has hidden 15 diamond engravings in the bottle corks of Distiller’s Cut Gin. The lucky drinkers will win an ethical diamond weighing at least 0.4 carats.


BRON: https://en.israelidiamond.co.il/