We Found the “Missing Ingredient” for Pink Diamonds

Scientists claim that they have made significant progress in understanding the formation of the renowned pink diamonds from the Arygle mine, which potentially enables them to predict the locations of similar sources in the future.


According to IDEX Online, which summarizes the study, these unique pink diamonds owe their distinct color to geological events dating back 1.85 billion years ago when the collision of continents gave rise to the supercontinent Nuna, including Australia.


Subsequently, a series of volcanic eruptions 1.3 billion years ago brought these diamonds closer to the Earth’s surface. The research team emphasizes that the creation of pink diamonds required a precise combination of factors, often referred to as a “perfect storm,” including the presence of carbon, optimal pressure conditions, and the volcanic activity responsible for their ascent.


The findings of Dr. Hugo Olierook, a geoscientist at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, and his colleagues, were published in the journal Nature Communications under the title “Emplacement of the Argyle diamond deposit into an ancient rift zone triggered by supercontinent breakup.”


Their study explains that the geological collisions near the northwestern edge of Australia provided the necessary pressure, resulting in the pink coloration of the diamonds located on the fringes of the former supercontinent.


This research suggests that there may be additional sources of pink diamonds at the edges of ancient continents, hinting at future diamond discoveries. Argyle closed in 2020, after 37 years of operations and producing more than 865 million carats of rough diamonds.


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BRON: Israeli Diamond News 27-10-2023