Watch Featuring over 17K Natural Diamonds Scores GUINNESS RECORD

A timepiece by Indian company Renani Jewels with 17,524 natural diamonds set a new Guinness World Record for the most diamonds on a watch.

Named “Srinkia – the watch of good fortunes,” the piece was inspired by Indian mythology. Most of the diamonds on the watch are white, while 12 are black. The International Gemological Institute (IGI) tested each diamond individually, finding them to be natural with E to F color and VVS to VS clarity, the lab said last week.

The watch features a single D-color, VVS-clarity diamond weighing 0.72 carats, an additional 53.98 carats of hand-cut diamonds, and 113 natural blue sapphires.

The construction of the timepiece began with hand-drawn sketches. Once the design was finalized, it was recreated in 3D as a computer-aided design (CAD) and then printed, Guinness explained. Renani’s biggest challenge was finding such a large quantity of diamonds with the same color, size, shape and clarity.

To verify the record, each individual diamond had to be counted in the presence of a jewelry and diamond expert, Guinness noted. The previous record was set by Aaron Shum Jewelry in Hong Kong in December 2018. That watch had 15,858 diamonds, Guinness added.

“The whole team have worked really hard for months, and this watch was created with so much passion and greatness,” said Harshit Banai, CEO of Renani Jewels.


BRON: Rapaport 30-1-2023