De Beers Brings Back “A Diamond is Forever” Campaign

De Beers is set to relaunch its iconic “A Diamond is Forever” campaign with a $20 million investment aimed at boosting demand for natural diamonds in the US and China during the 2023 holiday season, according to a report in Rough & Polished.


This move aligns with their existing brand efforts and will also bring back the successful “Seize the Day” campaign, updated to resonate with the values of a new generation of consumers.


De Beers plans to use the $20 million investment to deliver a message to holiday gift shoppers through a diverse media mix in both countries, including print, out-of-home, and digital media, along with influencer-generated content.


De Beers’ CEO, Al Cook, explained that by launching this campaign ahead of the holiday season, they aim to support the industry, boost consumer demand, and express their confidence in the future of the diamond market.