Central Park Sees Massive Gold Artwork Valued at $11.7 Million

A work of art made of 24-karat gold and weighing a massive 186kg was unveiled as a one-day exhibit in New York’s Central Park last week (February 21), IDEX Online reports. Needless to say, the glittery cube was tightly guarded by security.

Valued at $11.7 million, the gold cube was created by the German artist Niclas Castello, and “cast in a kiln specially made to cope with the size and volume of the gold involved.” His wife Sylvie Meis posted online: “Never before in the history of humanity has such an enormous amount of gold been cast into a single, pure object.”

Castello, a 43-year-old artist and entrepreneur, bought the gold at $1,788 per ounce to launch his new cryptocurrency Castello Coin ($CAST) with an accompanying NFT auction.


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