A New Diamond-Studded Credit Card Caters to the the Ultra-Rich

The ultra-wealthy elite now have the opportunity to indulge in the latest extravagance – a credit card set with diamonds. Dubbed the “Billionaire Card,” this gold-plated version of the Visa Infinite card is a result of a collaboration between jeweler and watchmaker Jacob & Co. and the luxury conglomerate Majestas, Primavera Investments, IDEX Online reports.


Scheduled for a November launch in Dubai, the blingy credit card will be available in limited quantities, catering to just 150 of the world’s most affluent individuals. Cardholders can expect a slew of privileges, including exclusive access to concerts, high-profile fashion shows, international sports events, and the luxury of private jets and upscale hotels.


According to a Jacob & Co’s Instagram post, the “Billionaire Card” is “not just a card, but a statement […] Every inch is a testament to luxury, featuring premium metal, rich gold-plating, and, in true Jacob & Co. fashion, adorned with an array of sparkling diamonds”. However, the jeweler did not disclose the specifics of the diamonds used in crafting these cards.


BRON: https://en.israelidiamond.co.il/