The USA Marketplace

  • Stones up to 1carat, and 5 carats to 6 carats are sold well.
  • Demand was strongest for VS2-SI2, F through J color.
  • Round sales steady, with ovals en princesses most popular for fancy shapes.
  • Wholesalers noted that buyers were seeking steep discounts.
  • India Diamond Week had buyers looking for stones between 1 carat and 3 carats.
  • Some interest in emerald and pear shapes at the show, with ovals being the hottest.
  • Buyers were requesting GIA goods, in the VS and SI ranges in colors G through K.

The Hong Kong Marketplace

  • Customers are generally buying less and buying smaller pieces.
  • Well-designed fashion jewelry at lower price points with smaller stones continues to do well.
  • There is a shortage of 2-carat to 3-carat fancy shapes and goods in VS and SI quality as wholesalers sell existing stock.
  • A slight pick-up in the market was seen for goods on order over the Christmas period along with a slight increase of 3 percent to 4 percent int he price for diamonds weighing less than a carat.

The India Marketplace

  • Positive sentiments continue in the market.
  • Decent activity seen in VS lower category.
  • Good demand observed in 0,30 carats and 0,40 carats.
  • Polished prices remainsfirm due to shortages in supply as production is below capacity.

The Antwerp Marketplace

  • Everything is selling, especially for cash. More than ever, cash means a discount.
  • Cash and liquidity issuesare being seen across the world.
  • In general, small goods below 10-pointers are a little less easy to move.
  • A shortage of over 10 carats is being felt across the pipeline.
  • Russia is expected to weaken as a market for colored diamonds, mainly duet o the depreciation of the ruble against the US dollar. Saudi Arabia will also suffer should the oil market remain depressed.


(Bron: Rapaport February 2016)