L.J. West Buys Pink-Purple Alrosa Diamond

New York-based diamond collector and wholesaler L.J. West has purchased a 6.21-carat fancy-intense-pink-purple diamond from Alrosa.

The stone, one of three the Russian miner cut and polished from a 20.18-carat rough it found in one of its Yakutia mines in 2017, was purchased directly from Alrosa, L.J. West owner Larry West said. A diamond of its color is generally only found in Russia, Scott West, vice president of L.J. West, told Rapaport News Tuesday.

“This is a stone that’s so incredibly rare, it could be in a museum,” Scott West noted. “What struck me about the stone was it’s such a beautiful purple, one of the largest and highest-clarity purples I’ve ever seen.”

Alrosa gave the company an electronic passport establishing provenance for the stone, which includes a detailed visual history of the diamond’s extraction and production, as well as information about the cutter’s background.

“Our cutter’s unique skills allow us to turn [the rough] into high-quality diamonds,” said Alrosa US president Rebecca Foerster. “With these advantages, Alrosa may well become a world leader in the colored-diamond market.”

BRON: Rapaport 19-2-2020