A Glitzy Smile: Justin Bieber Fits New Custom Diamond Grillz

Justin Bieber added a bit of bling to his smile as he showed off his custom set of diamond-encrusted grillz on Instagram recently.


The set was designed and fitted by celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang. Earlier in May, Dang posted a video of his process with Bieber that showed him molding the 28-year-old singer’s teeth in preparation.


This isn’t Bieber’s first, or even second, diamond grillz rodeo: in 2019, the singer fitted his bottom set of teeth with lavender-colored diamond grillz. The new set reportedly cost $25,000, and the diamonds within – weighing 5 carats in all – were imported from Israel. The set was created by L.A.-based jeweler Gold Teeth God, who already sold Bieber a set of $50,000 grills as well as a set of $15,000 rose gold grills in the past.


BRON: The Israeli Diamond Industry 29-5-2022