8.08 Carat Blue Diamond Sells For $18 million

A fancy vivid blue diamond weighing 8.08 carats, set in a Bulgari-made ring, was sold for more than $18 million this Fall at CHristie’s magnificent Jewels auction in New York.  The price per carat reached for this cushion-cut fancy vivid blue diamond was $2.27 million.

While this piece headlined Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction, a rare, 15.56carat heart shaped pink diamond set in a pendant sold for $9.537.500.

Another item that drew attention were the Foxfire Diamonds, which were mined in the Diavik mine in Canada.  Set in a pair of earrings, the stones, weighing respectively 37.87 carrats and 36.80 carats, sold for $1.572.500.  And a oval-shaped, internally flawless, fancy yellow diamond was hammered of at $1.308.500.


BRON: World Diamond Magazine Winter 2019


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