Lucapa Recovers 138ct. Rough

Lucapa Diamond Company has unearthed a 138-carat rough diamond from its Lulo alluvial mine in Angola, it said Thursday.

The company found the stone at the site’s Mining Block 46 portion of the mine, which is adjacent to the area where Lucapa is conducting its exploration for the primary source, or mother lode, of the deposit’s diamonds. The stone is the seventh over 100 carats Lucapa has found at Lulo this year, and the 24th of that magnitude from the site since mining operations began.

In April, the miner found a 144-carat rough, and in March, it discovered a 131-carat, D-color, type IIa diamond; a 118-carat brown; and a lower-quality, 133-carat, grey diamond. It also recovered a 114-carat, D-color, type IIa diamond in February, as well as two diamonds weighing 104 and 113 carats in January, also from Mining Block 46.


BRON: Rapaport 13-5-2021